mumble/fashion/T.S. Eliot/zombies;

this is the way the world ends

it's my lj
Olivia C. is o.chiii~
♪ female
♪ 18 years of age
♪ I have one dog, and I call him boobs, yani, sleepipotomus, and Mr Politician. (most recently Kauffka)

♪ I like apples and peaches and green peppers and of course the relax bear Rilakkuma<3
°playing: Final Fantasy X/ FF3/ Pokemon Platinum
°reading: Little Children
°drinking: Ice Water
°eating: Chips & Salsa, Apple slices with Peanut Butter, and Corn Flakes & PB&J

'I liken myself to a rose in springtime.' I say random things, and they end up making sense. In my LJ, you might find every little hobby I enjoy mentioned at least once, and many pictures. Hope you enjoy<3
courtesy of 113e